Countdown to GTA V: Locations and Maps

Blaine County; a criminal’s paradise

Grand Theft Auto V is setting out to be the largest open-world map in the history of Rockstar Games. Its size said to be “larger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined” according to the game’s art director Aaron Garbut in a preview by GameInformer. Amazed? Well so are we.

Los Santos

The main city of GTA V, Los Santos is GTA’s answer to Los Angeles. With giant sky-scrapers, expensive shopping areas, movie stars, and private clubs in the uptown, and dirty slums, project housing, gun shops, and gang life in the downtown. In Los Santos, you are either somebody or you’re nobody.

It’s the good life for Los Santo’s most wealthy.

It’s the good life for Los Santo’s most wealthy.

Bringing all the culture of Los Angeles, GTA V will tackle such topics as Hollywood, the music industry, drug trade, gated communities, and even the porn industry. From the Hollywood Hills and Rodeo Drive, to the streets of Watts, Los Santos will have it all.

The Countryside

This time around Los Santos will be the only major city featured in the game. Set in the fictional area of Blaine County, the game will however feature small surrounding towns on the outskirts of Los Santos. These small towns make up the rural areas that outline the city limits. It’s here where ATVs and dirt bikes will roam, and where players will do most their hunting; at least the hunting that involves wildlife.

Despite being outside of the city, the countryside still has laws.

Despite being outside of the city, the countryside still has laws.

Featuring dirt roads and shady forests, the countryside of Blaine County is the ideal place to get away from the buzz and bright lights of the city. With the new addition of wildlife, hunting is sure to take place in the surrounding forests. Along with the trees and dirt roads, the famous Mt. Chiliad is also located in the countryside of Blaine County. An ideal place for base jumping and even a bit of bike stunting if you’re the daredevil type, or you could just enjoy the view from the highest point in the county.


The Beaches and Ocean

Unlike previous GTA releases, in Grand Theft Auto V the ocean will be fully explorable. In recent interviews, Rockstar has stated that nearly the entire ocean floor can be investigated and that the surrounding underwater areas are larger than the entire map of Red Dead Redemption alone!

The ocean floor of Los Santos.

The ocean floor of Los Santos.

When supplied with the mini-sub we’ve seen in screenshots, it’s hard to imagine we won’t be spending quite some time checking out the deep blue. Rockstar has also stated that the player will be rewarded for such exploration. To what this may hold is unknown at this time. We can only assume they don’t mean being eaten by the sharks that inhabit the waters is a ‘reward’.

Other Locations

In recent magazine previews there has been mention of an US Army base located just north of Los Santos. This could be the GTA equaling of Edwards Air Force Base, which is located just north of Los Angeles itself. This could also be where players will acquire the Hydra jet fighter screen in trailers and screenshots, as most people don’t keep fighter jets parked in major cities.

A military helicopter, possibly also acquired from the army base.

A military helicopter, possibly also acquired from the Army base.

The Sherman Dam, GTA’s version of the Hoover Dam, is sure to make a comeback. Powering half the west coast, the Sherman Dam is a tourist spot for any visitor. And as we know from GTA: San Andreas, it can also be a target for terrorism.

Will there be more to explore in GTA V? Without a doubt. The map is enormous to say the least. I can only imagine it will be weeks, if not months, of playtime before we can say we have seen it all.

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