Which gang colours will you represent in GTA V?

Not having gangs in Grand Theft Auto is like having wine without the cheese, bread without the butter or being drunk without the hangover. Gangs have been a complementary element to the franchise since it saw its first use in GTA 2.We’ve seen much gang rivalry occur over the past few instalments of the GTA series, more specifically in GTA San Andreas and also in GTA Lost and The Damned, and fans of such high-tension will be pleased to hear that some old gangs will be exchanging hand-gestures and bullets once more in GTA V.

So which colours will you be representing? Let’s look through the some of the gangs coming to GTA V that will be exchanging tiny metal love letters to one another…

Gang-Green Families (Green)

Referred to as ‘The Families’, this street gang’s green colours come from their support for the Feud Basketball Team and the Los Santos Corkers Baseball Team. One of the game’s main protagonists, Franklin, is said to be associated with this specific gang and it is expected that gamers will play out conflict missions between the gang’s rivals.

The Families share two rivals: The Ballas and The Vagos, however it’s been said that The Families have an internal rivalry, with multiple groups in the gang, not only located differently around Los Santos, but also fighting against each other too.

Ballas (Purple)

The Ballas gang was last seen in GTA: San Andreas. Known for their support for the Los Santos Panic Basketball Team and Boars Baseball Club whilst branding both team’s purple colours, Ballas’ main rivals are the Vagos and the Gang-Green Families along with its member, Franklin.

Although rivals, both Ballas and Gang-Green gangs have mutual respect for one other and will not draw weapons if green and purple members see each another. However, as soon as a weapon is drawn or aimed at someone on their turf you best prepare yourself for some retaliation.

It is said that the Ballas gang will also open-fire on any Police that drive through their neighbourhood, so players can use this to their advantage by setting up distractions should any missions take place on their turf or dispose of any tailing police by driving through Ballas’ territory of Strawberry.

Vagos (Yellow)

Also seen in GTA: San Andreas, the Los Santos Vagos are the largest and most powerful hispanic street gang based in Los Santos. Returning to the streets in GTA V, the Vagos gang is said to occupy Rancho, Jamestown St. and brand themselves in yellow colours.

Their enemy rivals are both the Gang-Green Families and the Ballas gangs, and they are known to be involved in gang-banging, street violence, murder, gang-related homicide, gang warfare, drug trafficking/manufacturing (especially the crack cocaine trade) and vandalism.

Although the Vagos gang do not pack that much in weaponry (mostly pistols and small automatic rifles) they do have large numbers on their side. So don’t be fooled and let your guard down if you find yourself wandering through their neighbourhood.

The Lost Motorcycle Mob (Black)

Straight from GTA IV The Lost and The Damned, The Lost MC gang is an outlaw motorcycle club who have been previously operating out of their Blaine County hideout, called The Range. They have pretty much every other gang as a rival and deal mostly with the illegal distribution of firearms and of course, drugs.

You’ll find members of the The Lost MC branding their black and white ‘wings’ logo, wearing leather jackets and riding American choppers. One of the game’s protagonists, Trevor, has it is out for The Lost MC, so expect a number of story missions to be in conflict with these particular hells angels.

Any more..?

So these are just the four main confirmed gangs that we know that we will encounter throughout GTA V’s campaign. There are some unconfirmed rumours of a further five more gangs in GTA V, including: The Hills/Killer Hills, Angles of Death, the Korean Mob, the Chinese Mafia and the Armenian Mob, however none of these were shown in the recently leaked, and swiftly pulled, video that featured the gangs in GTA V. Either way though, with these four gangs alone, there will be plenty of firepower needed to keep everything under control, be it in your favour, or theirs.

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