Countdown to GTA V: Collectibles

We go on the lookout for collectibles in the GTA series and what to expect in GTA V

As we get closer towards the release date of what is likely the most anticipated game of 2013 we have covered off so much that will keep players entertained, that you could be forgiven for thinking there was nothing left to shout about. Already with the main campaign, multiple playable characters, activities, side missions and online features, there is more gameplay than you could shake a stick at.

Well the fun doesn’t stop there.

Since GTA III there has been a big focus on hidden collectibles with the game. These collectibles are normally strewn across the map. Often located in very hard-to-find places, these collectibles often need to be collected in order to achieve a 100% completion rate.

It is expected that GTA V will have collectibles and below we will cover off what we have seen in the recent instalments of the GTA franchise as well as what we can expect to see in GTA V.


In GTA III players were tasked with finding Hidden Packages. Throughout the map there were 100 packages that appeared as White bale tied with brown tape. When a player found each one, they were rewarded with a little extra cash bonus. Finding all 100 was essential in getting that 100% completion rate.

GTA Vice City

In Vice City, Players were again tasked to find 100 Hidden Packages throughout the map. This time however, Rockstar got a bit more inventive and the hidden packages appeared as green Tiki statues. Similar to GTA III, players received cash for each one they discovered and finding all 100 was essential for 100% game completion.

Packages were the hidden collectibles found around Liberty City in GTA III

GTA San Andreas

San Andreas decided to mix the formula up and got a bit more inventive, giving players a wider variety in the collectibles they had to find.

Firstly, players had to discover Tags. These were graffiti signs that the player had to discover and tag or graffiti over. Tagging,”Grove Street 4 life” players were rewarded cash for each tag they found.

In addition to Tags, players were tasked with taking Snapshots. There were 50 locations across the map to photograph that were identified by a camera symbol on the map. Finding all 50 snapshots meant that an extra four weapons were available in the garage for the player, the Micro Uzi, Grenades, Pump Action Shotgun and Sniper Rifle as well as $100,000 reward.

There were two more types of collectibles within San Andreas. One of these collectibles were the 50 horseshoes strewn across the maps, and these were the most difficult to find amongst the different types of collectibles within the title. Placed in very hard-to-find positions, players often needed the Jetpack. Finding all 50 horseshoes, players saw their luck stat increased to 1,000, improving their chance of winning wile gambling.

The Final collectible type was Oysters. Again there were 50 of these within the game; however they were placed all around the map but under water. Players were required to dive underwater. Collecting each oyster improved the characters lung capacity with the reward for collecting them all being the ability to date girlfriends you have had previously within the title as well as your current girlfriends acting as though you always have full sex appeal. Typing this sentence makes me wonder if that was enough of an incentive to make me hunt around, memory serves this was one of the collectibles I didn’t bother with within the franchise.


GTA IV got a little less adventuress and stripped back the amount of different collectibles.

In GTA IV there were only one type of collectible, with 200 Pigeons placed across the map. This hidden collectible was also referred to as Flying Rats. There was an increased number of the hidden collectible due to the size of the map and they were often located in out-of-the-way areas. The collectibles were easy to spot however, and forced the player to either shoot, burn or in any way destroy the collectible in order for it to be registered as being collected. The result of collecting all 200 Pigeons was 2.5% game completion as well as unlocking the Annihilator helicopter.

Gamers were left looking for flying rats to collect in GTA IV

For the GTA IV Downloadable content, The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, an addition 50 collectibles were added in the form of seagulls. Similar to the Pigeons in GTA IV, players needed to shoot the birds in order to collect them. Finding all the collectibles in The Lost and the Damned rewarded players with the Innovation motorcycle delivered to their safe house. Collecting all the Seagulls in The Ballad of Gay Tony saw players rewarded with an APC tank made available at Yusuf’s construction yard.


This now brings us onto the collectibles that we can expect to see in GTA V.

While nothing has been confirmed for the game so far, the trailers we have seen and heavy speculation, has suggested that players will be tasked to find and disable security cameras.

A collectible in GTA Chinatown wars (available on Nintendo DS, PSP and iOS), the player was tasked in finding and destroying the security cameras. In Chinatown wars, players were only able to do this with grenades or Molotov’s, however in GTA V players will more likely have the ability to deactivate the cameras rather than destroy them. Please note that at this time it is still speculation, although it has been heavilyrumoured.

Whether there will be further collectibles due to the sheer size of the game and map is yet to be seen but with so much scenery, and the ability to hunt, it would be great to have the Snapshot collectible back in the game.

What would you like to see as a collectible and what do you think has been the best type of collectible in the series so far? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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