Countdown to GTA V: Activities & Pursuits

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all…

As you’re already aware, we’ve been releasing articles every weekday in our countdown to arguably the most anticipated game ever, Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto is more than just a campaign. In the past there has been so many other activities that you can participate in, that as a result, you could play the game for hours upon end without even progressing with the main story mode. Grand Theft Auto V is expected to be the same.

So when you’re not running your business empire, robbing banks or making money elsewhere, here’s a selection of activities you can participate in to relieve the stress. Please note, the list is certainly not exhaustive and there will be plenty more to do within the game.

Tennis is looking to be a big activity in GTA V with Michael being seen in screenshots

There are plenty of sports to partake in and in particular i’m looking forward to golf and tennis. We already know Michael owns a private tennis court as well as being a member of the exclusive golf club, however I think what is crucial here is the level of detail that Rockstar have put into these sports.

Tennis looks to be like a version of Virtua Tennis meanwhile golf will almost be a game within itself. The map in GTA V is expected to be huge, so much so that there may even be more than one golf course available. It’s also expected to play out like a basic version of Tiger Woods and that’s not a bad thing given that playing golf isn’t at the top of the list of things to do within a Grand Theft Auto game.

From BMXs to Mountain Bikes, there is enough pedal power here in GTA V

If you’re more of a cycling man (or woman) then even you are catered for here, and by catered for I don’t just mean you can cycle your bike. GTA V has Tour de France style bike races where you can win money and upgrade your bike. If you want to be a Bradley Wiggins go nuts.

Not a cyclist? Well perhaps base jumping will be more your kind of thing. Yes that’s correct base jumping will be present within GTA V and will expand on the basic parachute jumping found in San Andreas and ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’. There will be higher, more dangerous venues to jump from and this will certainly get your juices flowing.

If you wish to risk your life on a bit of silk, take yourself base jumping or sky diving in GTA V

After base jumping you’ll need to relax so activities like yoga will certainly de-stress you. Other activities that have been mentioned by Rockstar include jet skis, scuba diving, hunting and the use of a stunt plane….for stunts.

This is only a handful of the activities that are in Grand Theft Auto V and we don’t have long to wait now before we get our hands on the game to find out all the activities for our self. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

As well as our countdown articles, we also have our usualscreenshotsandvideosfor Grand Theft Auto V, which you can view over on ourGrand Theft Auto V media hub pagefor the game.

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