Console Monster rattles Ted Timmins’ Brains About Fable Anniversary

Today Microsoft Studio’s Ted Timmins nicely took the chance to sit down from his busy schedual and answer a few questions about the upcoming game; Fable Anniversary. Eight questions was put to Ted’s brain and here is what he had to tell us about the title.

CM: How will SmartGlass work with Anniversary?
TT: We really want SmartGlass to be a great companion for any player with a tablet or smart device. It is, of course, completely optional – but it allows you to view your map screen, chest locations and other cool features. We’re even working with PRIMA to provide strategy guide content through SmartGlass, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more news on that.

CM: It’s been ten years since the original Fable was released. Peter Molyneux told fans there would be a gold acorn tree and it would grow in real-time. Will we see this happen in Anniversary?
TT: Ha! We do have some plans to have some fun with previous Fable “fables” – but I’m not going to announce something until it is 100% confirmed… (famous last words)

CM: Will there be any special Easter Eggs from previous Fable games that fans will recognise?
TT: Put it this way; I’ve had some fun writing achievement names and descriptions, and there’s definitely a few new Easter Eggs if players look hard enough…

CM: Will the soundtrack to the game be remastered for Anniversary?
TT: The soundtrack has been fully remastered by Russell Shaw, the composer of the original game soundtrack. It’s also worth mentioning that the game is also brought smack-bang up to date with 5:1 Dolby Surround Sound too!

CM: Will the cut scenes be integrated closely into the gameplay?
TT: We haven’t changed the story content so the story remains the same, however we have a brand new facial animation system handling all the cutscenes to make them look better than ever.

CM: Aside from inclusion of The Lost Chapters content, will there be any additional content in Anniversary?
TT: Once we’ve gone ‘Gold’, I’d love to revisit the idea of adding new content via DLC. We’re currently 100% focused on finishing the game and polishing it to within an inch of its own life. As with the recent fan Achievement competition, we’re really in-tune with the community so once I’m let off the leash I’d love to hear what fans want to see next.

CM: Will choices and consequences affect the newly-implemented achievements and how?
TT: Interesting question! When we were designing the achievements, we found ourselves in a position where we wanted to have achievements for the player doing certain things, but didn’t want them to necessarily change the way they play the game just for an achievement. Because of this, I feel we’ve done something that has never been done before – very soon we’ll lift the wraps on this, and I’m incredibly excited by it.

CM: Will there be any changes in censorship from the original version, regarding some of the most explicit content (eg prostitutes)?
TT: Nope, no censorship at all. The ‘ladies of the night’ are looking better than ever before, and luckily for you gamers, the in-game prices remain the same. Thankfully, inflation doesn’t exist in Albion.

CM: Have the creatures/enemies from the original Fable been improved with the graphics?
TT:Every creature has been remodelled, re-textured, and the whole new lighting system makes everything look like 2013! The game genuinely is a beauty to behold, Albion has never looked so pretty.

Fable Anniversary will be available for Xbox 360 this Holiday season. Console Monster would like to thank Microsoft Studio’s and also Ted Timmins for taking time out of their busy schedual to answer our questions.

Steven Bourke

No longer writes for Console Monster... had a good journey with the team but a new horizon awaits.

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