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Content: Vampires Rain AQInteractive thank fans for supporting Vampire Rain by releasing a bonus mission for Free! You can download this content via Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace (New Arrivals)

VR Bonus Level 2
Thanks for supporting Vampire Rain. Ready for another gathering mission? Play as Duane Hanson in this bonus level to see how fast you can pick up all required equipment for your mission. Difficulty: 3 stars. Requires full retail game.
Price: Free

Every year, millions of people around the world simply disappear without a trace. And in most case, they are never heard from again.

Up until the discovery of the creatures known as Nightwalkers, these individuals were classified as missing. After realizing that the missing were actually victims, it took mankind almost a hundred more years to understand the true nature of the Nightwalkers threat.

Lacking an effective deterrent against the nightwalkers, mankind choose a non-violent, passive course of action. But as the Nightwalkers attacks escalated, this nonresistant stance was no longer acceptable. In the United States, the American Information Bureau
(AIB) secretly established a special combat unit for eliminating the Nightwalker menace.

In an effort to reduce Nightwalker population, the AIB has targeted a city located on the West Coast. It's an urban maze where streets reek with the cloyingly sweet aroma of Nightwalker infestation.

Tonight those streets are clouded by falling rain, which will dampen the senses of Nightwalkers. It's a night where a battle is about to unfold...One mankind cannot afford to lose!

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Have you been supporting Vampire Rain? If so, get yourself over to Microsoft's XBLM for this free content. Let us know what you thought of the bonus level is like by leaving your comments below.
by Luke D       8 years

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Vampire Rain
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Genre: Action Adventure
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