Shadow of The Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is a tomb worth plundering

The third and final installment of the Lara Croft “Origin Trilogy”, Shadow of The Tomb Raider, originally released just over a year ago. Since then, the game’s road map delivered on its promise of a new challenge tomb to be released every month for seven months. A welcome timeline for players who had complained about the lack of tombs in a game called Tomb Raider. Each new tomb included unlockables, various challenges, and even a co-op option in some cases. All of these DLC tombs were included in the season pass, which was originally priced at $30 dollars. Players could also buy each pack individually for $5 a pop. Was the season pass worth the price? And by extension, is the definitive edition?

Every tomb can be beaten in roughly an hour, depending on the skill of course. Each comes an optional time and score attack modes. Giving the player rewards for beating each of the variants. So you’re looking at around ten hours of gameplay for thirty dollars. Not an awful deal, especially if you loved the core game. So as the new standard seems to be with modern AAA releases, if you were to buy each bit of DLC released (including items and outfits), as well as the core game, you’d be looking at well over $100 for the entire package. While I originally enjoyed the game, even earning that oh so lovely platinum trophy, I never felt the desire to purchase the season pass, let alone cosmetic outfits. Even if Lara looks lovely in all of them.

The new outfit lets Lara show off her guns.

So if you’re like me, you never played the DLC tombs. Luckily, a year later the Shadow of The Tomb Raider Definitive Edition has finally packaged the original game and all DLC together for a price of around $60 (depending on which store you pick it up from). A fair price for new players considering the amount of content. Black Friday deals are even listing the release for as low as thirty dollars, which is frankly insane.

Featuring all seven DLC tombs, a few extra side missions, pre-order bonus content, all outfits, weapons, and even a brand new “fitness” outfit, the definitive edition is very much true to its namesake. While I do wish they had included one final eighth tomb, to coincide with the release of this edition, I can’t complain when presented with the amount of content provided. Season pass holders will be glad to hear that a recent update automatically upgrades their cope to the definitive edition and grants them the new outfit as well.

Each tomb sticks to the same formula in terms of length and presentation. A roughly hour-long romp that focuses on different side stories and characters from the core game. The tombs are well varied and present a new environment to see for each one. From lava-filled pits to wet jungles, each tomb presents a wonderfully detailed world to explore and interact with. Puzzles are more of what you have come to expect from this reboot trilogy, and while they are fun in co-op, three games later I’m starting to grow bored of the same old shtick. Grabbing ledges and hitting switches is only fun for so long. Score attack and time attack modes provide a tough challenge to the hardcore raiders. And each tomb features its own leaderboards, filled with people much, much better than I am. While I vastly preferred the co-op tombs, these are still fun and playable in solo mode for those who choose.

Co-op is where these tombs shine. It really creates some fun and tense situations when navigating these deadly crypts with a friend. Watching each other fall into bottomless pits is something I only seem to enjoy more and more. My biggest gripe with co-op mode would be the design choice for each player to play as Lara on their end, while they see the other player as an associated character. I understand the reasoning for not having two Crofts running around, but I wish it had the second player take the role of another explorer on their screen as well, rather than giving the illusion that they are Lara while doing the same to player one. It’s confusing and annoying considering you can change outfits but you aren’t able to show them off to your friend.

Regardless of my small gripes, the Shadow of The Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is by far the best option for anyone who has yet to play the final entry in this trilogy. A true value, especially with the upcoming deals, if you’ve been waiting to dive in, there’s no better time. With more tombs and clothes than you’ll know what to do with, you’re sure to get your money’s worth with Ms. Croft.


Justin Ortiz

Introduced to video games when he was only five, after dying somewhere around four thousand times while playing Star Tropics, he never looked back. Some of his favorites range from titles like Shenmue and Metal Gear Solid 3 to Half-Life 2, Manhunt, and the Dark Souls series. Justin has a passion for vinyl records, and loves to collect video game memorabilia. If he had one wish, it would be to travel back to 1984 Miami.

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