Prison Break: The Conspiracy Preview

It must be said that while the later series of Prison Break were great, the first series was, arguably, by far the best. Not only was the concept fresh and highly rated, but for me it was probably one of the first US TV shows that was a must watch for every episode; constantly making sure that my schedule was clear to watch Prison Break, it was that good. Not long after the final and emotional episode of the fourth and final series, I heard rumours that a Prison Break game was to be released, but could it get any better?

Well yes it actually could. Prison Break: The Conspiracy is based on the first and best series, which also means that if successful, we could have a sequel based on a different series. That would be great for any Prison Break fan. So how is this game going to play out?

Players take control of the protagonist, Tom Paxton, who has been sent to Fox State Penitentiary by ‘the company’. His and your aim is to find out why the main character of the TV series, Michael Schofield, became a bank robber, considering he doesn’t have any previous criminal record and is a successful engineer. All this must be done while remaining undercover for ‘the company’, although I think Mr Paxton is even unsure if ‘the company’ has an alternate motive for putting him in the prison. Now of course if you’ve watched the TV series, you will know why Michael is there, but I expect the game to throw up some new dilemmas along the way, as well as ones found during the first series.

Played in a third person view you will be able to discover the prison and its surroundings, as well as taking part in an underground fighting club supported by the guards. Win these fights and you’ll be able to gain money for items that could prove crucial in your quest to find out what the Schofield brothers are up to. There’s also different fighting techniques in which you will learn while in the yard, that’s if someone doesn’t beat you up first. From the demo that was played in Cologne 2009, quick time events when grabbed were on show, but we also expect the typical push ‘X’ to punch technique to be involved.

The opportunity to meet several characters from the series is guaranteed including the rat that is T-Bag, Spanish Sucre, Michael’s brother Lincoln – who is in prison for killing the Vice President’s brother (or did he?), and of course Michael’s love Dr Sarah Tancredi. To top it off, almost all of the characters are voiced by their TV counterparts, aside from Dr Tancredi; an impressive roster to say the least. By looking at the screenshots it also looks like a lot of work has gone into character modelling, which is certainly welcomed with open arms; I just hope the game doesn’t disappoint.

Overall I think any fan of the series will be looking at this game with intent of purchasing it. It looks promising and even if you haven’t watched the TV series, this might just be the action adventure title for you. I mean, what can better better than a ‘Prison Break’? Anyway, I’m off to the tattoo parlour to get a giant map imprinted onto my body.

Prison Break is set to hit UK shelves 26th March 2010 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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