First look at a new Battlefield game

Fans of the FPS genre will surely rejoice at the news that a new Battlefield game is on its way this year (on October 21st to be exact). The franchise is well-known for its saturated futuristic environments and weaponry. This is also something for which the franchise was praised, as illustrated its many favourable reviews.

Battlefield 1 Gameplay

Yet Battlefield 1 turns this model on its head, with a story set during the First World War.

The fact that the ‘Great War’ is the setting for the latest Battlefield has caused some controversy, even before its release. After all, the First World War is widely considered to be what Wired describes as “the epitome of wanton cruelty”.

It isn’t the first time however that the historical event has been depicted in popular media, with a number of films, TV shows, including the BBC’s 2014 portrayal of wartime experiences in ‘Our World War’, and even online casino slots. The Great War game for example, shows the extent to which the first global war is ingrained in our culture…even 100 years on.

Whatever your view on the use of such real life events as entertainment here, there’s no denying that the game looks outstandingly good!


When we heard that Battlefield 1 was set in the First World War, some of us here at Console Monster were concerned that gameplay and graphics would suffer from the slower pace of combat. But we’re glad to say that we’re wrong on both counts.

In terms of environment, you get full-on trench warfare, soldiers bashing each other with clubs, brandishing swords and riding horses.

The slower pace has made the developers at Dice get creative with the way characters engage in battles online; due largely to the barely manageable machine guns and inaccurate firearms…


Sure enough, the developers have made some significant changes to reflect the historical nature of the action. As the trailer suggested, there is a much greater emphasis on combat in close quarters.

Battlefield 1 Melee

You will see solders bashing others’ skulls in with trench spades and spiked maces, while players can also equip themselves with swords and bayonets. And instead of getting killed at the hands of an invisible sniper, we see our enemies up close much more often.


While the weapons in this new instalment might be retrograde, the gameplay is actually sharper. The version we tried out was the 64-player Conquest. This gave us a huge battle that forces each player to do their bit as part of a team.

The way the guys at Dice present the pre-match is very much in the Battlefield mould; it’s just better thought-out and shinier. The map is still massive, but is much more animated and detailed than ever before.

In terms of the roles you can take in the game, you can choose Assault class if you want to blow up tanks. If you want to be a machine gun-toting tank mechanic, you can choose Support class. There are also the self-explanatory Sniper and Medic classes for you to choose from.

The class you choose dictates which abilities and gadgets you have, as well as which weapons you can access. Weapon customisation will also available when the game hits the shelves. However, this was locked for the demo, so we can’t tell how good the aspect of the game is. But if the rest of the Battlefield 1 demo is anything to go by – you’re in for a treat!

Contributed by John Davidson

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