Xbox Live Marketplace Content 8/11

So it’s Wednesday and not only do we have an Arcade game to dabble with we also have more treats to download today. So what’s up for grabs? Let’s have a look…


Contra – 400 MS Points (All Regions)
Single Player, Live Multiplayer 1-2, HD (High Definition). Download Contra for free today and relive the fun of this arcade classic! Destroy Red Falcon and save the world from the alien menace. Buy the full version to unlock the entire game and play online with your friends!

Game content:

Bullet Witch: Concept Mission #3 – FREE (Asia Only)
No idea what this is, whether it’s an add on to the game or just a video? (Let us know)

Need for Speed Carbon – 80 MS Points (All Regions)

2004 Mercedes SLR Mclaren
Unlock the 2004 Mercedes SLR Mclaren for your immediate use in Need for Speed Carbon. While paying homage to the SLR race cars of the 1950s, the Mercedes SLR McLaren is a unique blend of high performance and classic Mercedes-Benz style. This car can be achieved without purchase by progressing through Career.

2004 Porsche Carrera GT
Unlock the 2004 Porsche Carrera GT for your immediate use in Need for Speed Carbon. Take this vehicle for a test drive and you might never come back. Combining elegant design and supreme performance, this sleek machine features a powerful engine designed to race with the best. This car can be achieved without purchase by progressing through Career.

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo
Unlock the 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo for your immediate use in Need for Speed Carbon. Push this car to the limit and listen to the massive roar of its mighty engine. Along with plenty of power under the hood, the Gallardo’s sleek line lets you know right away it was built to look good at any speed. This car can be achieved without purchase by progressing through Career..

College Hoops 2k7 – 400 MS Points (US, Canada and Mexico Only)
Download this powerful replay editor and construct your own highlight reels!


Creature Creations: Boned Blob Theme – 300 MS Points (All Regions)
Constantly mock the dumb blob that grew bones with the “Boned Blob” Theme.

Creature Creations: Ice Gremlin Theme – 300 MS Points (All Regions)
Is your freezer, fridge, or even air conditioner acting up? Then blame it on the “Ice Gremlin” Theme!

Creature Creations: Swamptopus Theme – 300 MS Points (All Regions)
Get waste deep in swamp water while trying to catch a glimpse of the elusive “Swamptopus” Theme.

Trailers & Videos:

Call of Duty 3 – FREE (All Regions)

CoD3 Official Launch Trailer
CoD3 Multiplayer Vignette

From Frag Doll to Soldier – FREE (UK)
Kit Frag Doll goes to Warfighters, organisers of real-life Ghost Recon battles. (This was missed a few days ago but I thought i’d give it a mention for us UK folk.)

UFC Preview – FREE (US Only)
Love the UFC? Now you never have to miss anything since it will all be on Xbox Live Marketplace in HD and SD. Download the preview and see what is coming to Xbox on November 22, 2006.


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