Update: Dead Rising 2 in Las Vegas?

Update: Dead Rising 2 in Las Vegas?

The rumour mill is cranking out in overdrive. Could it be pre-E3 excitement? Who knows. But we have another rumour and this one will hopefully be true.

Capcom have supposedly handed over the internal development of Dead Rising 2 to a 3rd party studio by the name of Blue Castle Games. This game, instead of being set in another mall, is reported to be set in the city of gambling and easy weddings, Las Vegas. Zombies, slot machines and bright lights. What a fantastic combination.

Still, I wish they’d make a Dead Rising game in London so I can re-create 28 Days Later. I best just keep wishing.

Update: As per usual, Capcom have refused to comment on both the subject of development duties being passed over to Blue Castle Games, as well as the possibility of a Dead Rising sequel. CVG got in touch with Capcom UK and were told, “I should think that our policy on speculation and rumour is fairly well known by now and as such, any request by you for me to comment on speculation and rumour will result in no comment. So no comment, because this is purely speculation and rumour.”

Capcom recently announced they’d be showing a secret new game known as “Flock.” Now, zombies travel in a sort of “zombie flock.” Could this be? I’m going to go and pester Capcom about this miraculous discovery.