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Ubi Producer: “Gears is very simple, ten minute thrill”

Olivier Dauba, content producer for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, has stated that rival Xbox 360 shooter Gears of War is basically just a short thrill.

In an interview with CVG Dauba said:
The core gameplay of Gears of War is very simple, a very simple action sequence loop; you take cover, you aim and basically that’s it.

In my opinion if you play ten minutes of Gears of War it’s an absolutely awesome ten minutes, but if you play 20 minutes it doesn’t bring anything new.”

Dauba also spoke about some of the new features of GRAW 2, on the subject of the new first-person drone:
The new first-person drone view was something missing from GRAW. Whether it was a drone, a helicopter or your teammates they only gave you feedback through a very small window and we found that it could have definitely been improved, it lacked details.

You saw detail but you didn’t know if objects were behind walls or behind something – you can get a much more detailed view in first-person, you can really change the way you play the game. If you get a view from above that changes your perception of the action, you can evaluate your teammates more efficiently. It really adds another layer to the tactical choice of the player.”

On the subject of Multiplayer:
All I can say is that multiplayer will be much bigger than in the predecessor. The co-op part will be much bigger as well.”

Dauba also effectively confirmed that GRAW 2 will feature Live Vision support in some form. When asked if GRAW 2 will follow fellow Ubi game Rainbow Six Vegas in allowing gamers to put their face in the game, Dauba said:
Not necessarily that same feature but you’ll recognise something.”

Sticking with GRAW 2, here’s the first trailer which premiered recently. Enjoy!

Originally Written By: Scott Webber


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