Street Fighter II’ Now Live

Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting is finally available for Xbox 360 owners to purchase on Marketplace. Street Fighter will set users back 800 Marketplace Points. According to the fact sheet released by Capcom, the game will feature:

    Online Multiplayer Mode — The game has both Ranked matches and Player matches, including the 4-player Quarter Match option.

    Quarter Match — entirely new mode for Xbox Live Arcade which is a spectator-based system as a tribute to the arcade roots, allowing online competitors (2 competitors and up to 2 spectators) to use a “virtual quarter” to “buy into” heated two player matches

    Arcade Mode — simulates the single-player experience where gamers must work their way through a ladder of opponents until they face off against the final boss

    Vs. Mode — allows two friends to select characters and battle it out

    Fully customizable controls — players can map attacks to any of the main buttons and have the choice to map all three punches and/or all three kicks to a single button which simplifies complex moves

    Comprehensive leaderboards — tracks overall and monthly best players using a point based system as well as rankings based on who is the best using each game character and most consecutive winning streaks

    Achievements — complete 12 challenging offline and online objectives and earn your Achievements

Look for a review of Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighter in the near future by 360Monster.

Originally Written By: Art Green


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