Review : Call Of Juarez

Joe slips on his cowboy boots and hat and gets ready to shoot it out in Call Of Juarez

“Billy is the stealthier of the two characters and he is also very agile – he holds a whip which can help him to swing across gaps and is also able to climb. In levels where you are Billy it’s more about not wanting to be seen, making as little noise as possible and just trying to get away. As Reverend Ray, you have “concentration mode” which will help you when you do get in a gun battle. This is activated by drawing your guns and brings up two crosshairs in the screen in slow motion. This gives you a massive advantage over your enemies and can often result in taking more than 2 enemies down totally untouched. There is a small regeneration time on the concentration mode ability so timing can be critical. Reverend Ray has poor agility but has brute force and the bible on his side. With Ray you will find yourself killing many enemies in pursuit of your nephew Billy. Your bible has the ability to momentarily confuse enemies allowing you to easily kill them with your gun but most of the time you will be using your guns and killing every enemy in site with Ray.”

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