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Project Argo: Microsoft Handheld Coming Q4 ’06?

If this report in yesterday’s Seattle Times is true, you will be able to get your filthy mitts on a spankin’ new Microsoft Xbox Portable system code named “Argo.” The code name is a reference to a warship used by Jason in Greek Mythology.

“Microsoft isn’t commenting, but I was able to piece together a broader picture with some research, reporting and information from a source close to the project. What’s being developed is actually a complete line of Xbox-branded digital-media products, including a device that plays media, a software media player and an online media service,” writes Brier Dudley, the columnist who reported on the “Argo” project for the Seattle Times.

Dudley also adds, “…this is more than just another MP3 player. It will also compete with game players from Sony and Nintendo that have long had Wi-Fi and work as media players, Internet terminals and communication devices.”

Everyone figured that Microsoft would be releasing portable gaming device, but no one figured that it would be coming so soon. However, the report adds that the team is under “intense pressure” to get things right and get it out in time for the holiday craze.

Further updates on “Argo” will be posted as more information becomes available.

Originally Written By: Art Green


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