Payneful DLC dated and detailed

The team at Rockstar have been kind enough to add further DLC to Max Payne 3.

To accompany the announcement, the team have been kind enough to give us some screens of what we can expect.




The new DLC titled ‘Hostage Negotation Pack’ contains:

  • 4 new multiplayer maps
  • New items
  • New weapons
  • and a new avatar faction

The DLC will be available on 30th October and for Rockstar pass holders will be free of charge or cost 800MSP for all others.

As always we are interested to hear what you think so feel free to leave a comment below.

David Bevan

David has been a computer lover since a young age with fond memories of the NES which created a strong loyalty to Nintendo until Sony hit the market. Moving from Nintendo to a Playstation 1 and Playstation 2, the next generation of consoles saw him move his loyalties yet again, this time to the XBbox 360. David is often found playing games when not working or following his other passion of comics. David worked in the computer games industry for the last 7 years as a support manager for an MMORPG before taking a step away from the industry and living his passion for gaming through his achievement hunting in his spare time and through writing for our website.

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