New Titanfall map detailed

New Titanfall map detailed

Published On July 16, 2014 | By David Wriglesworth | News

New details about an upcoming Titanfall expansion pack have been unveiled.

Posting on their website, Respawn revealed that the “Frontier’s Edge” expansion pack will contain three new maps. One of these maps is “Dig Site”, which is set in a mining facility and surrounded by sheer rock walls that “offer natural protection against air assault”.

The post continued: “The site becomes a bloody ground war characterized by titan skirmishes over subtle elevation changes in the terrain, and a mix of short and medium-range engagements for pilots.

“Titans patrol the narrow pathways between the industrial processing buildings while pilots leap overhead, and an imposing rock saw the size of an overturned office building looms over the site providing cover and high ground for pilots.”

Details of the other two maps (“Export” and “Haven”) are expected to be revealed “over the next week”.

No release date has been set for Frontier’s Edge. In the Console Monster review, Titanfall was awarded 93%.

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