New Kameo content is on its way

The boys over at RARE have recently revealed that another content pack will soon be making its way over to the Xbox Live marketplace.

The content is of course for Kameo and its mainly aimed at those who enjoy playing the co-op mode of the game. It will also please gamers to hear that the pack will come complete with 15 new achievements and a worldwide leaderboard.

The three features which will be included in the new content pack are –

  • Expert Mode: Expert Mode features six re-mastered tougher-than-ever levels, for both solo and cooperative play. Be prepared to face battles that will make even the most hardcore Kameo veterans balk. Suited up in their exclusive new Armor Skins, all ten of your Elemental Warriors will be on hand to help you in the enhanced combat…and you’re gonna need ‘em!
  • Time Attack Mode: In Time Attack Mode, team up with a friend over split-screen, System Link, or Xbox Live®, and work together to try and beat the clock–and the Trolls–against seemingly impossible odds.
  • Rune Battle Mode: Rune Battle Mode turns traditional Kameo co-op on its head, with new VS gameplay that pits you against your opponent–as well as Trolls–in a fight to grab the most runes. Use one of the unique new weapons to thwart your adversary in this no-holds-barred arcade scramble!

Sadly there is no word on pricing or the release date, but keep an eye out for more new on the new Kameo content pack.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews


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