Limited Edition Halo Reach Xbox 360 S Announced

The new Halo Reach Xbox 360 S, coming Sept 14th

If you are a fan of Halo and have yet to pick up a new Xbox 360 S, then you might want to wait just a few months more before picking one up. Microsoft announced yesterday at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego a new Limited Edition Xbox 360 S bundle for their upcoming Sci-Fi shooter Halo Reach.

As you can see from the image above, the Limited Edition Halo Reach bundle features a custom branded console skin, two custom Halo Reach branded controllers and a standard copy of Halo Reach the game. Additional Halo Reach controllers and headsets will be made available to buy a little sooner, around late August.

You may have heard that the new console ‘bleeps and bongs’ when you switch on or eject the drive tray on the new console, well Microsoft’s community voice, Major Nelson, has said that on the Halo Reach console these bleeps are replaced with Halo inspired sounds, such as the shield power-up sound when you eject the drive tray.

The console will release on September the 14th when Halo Reach also launches and will retail for a RRP $399.99 (~£250-280 in the British coin). The console will come with the standard features found in the currently selling Xbox 360 S – so that means a 250GB Hard drive, and built-in Wi-Fi.

So will you be making a Halo in your pocket, and Reaching for your wallet to pre-order? Let us know your thoughts on the new Halo Reach console in the comments.


Anthony Barker

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