Dragon Age 2 DLC Confirmed!

Bioware have revealed details of the first major Dragon Age 2 DLC, to be released on July 26th. Costing 800 MSP on xbox 360 or £9.99 on PSN, Dragon Age: Legacy will focus on “the harsh truth behind the Hawke lineage” and see you travelling to an ancient Greywarden prison to stop the relentless attacks against the “blood of Hawke” – or at least that’s what the official PR spiel says.

What it means is a mystery at present, but will likely involve hacking darkspawn to bits and having sex with elves. It will be playable from any point in the DA2 storyline, and features a special, class-specific weapon that will level up with your character.

More details to follow.

Mick Fraser

The first game Mick ever played was Dexter’s Laboratory on the ZX81. After waiting 45 minutes for it to load he was hooked in moments and has been gaming ever since. He’s gone through almost every console ever released and even had a brief stint in the early noughties as a PC gamer, until he had to give it up to break his World of Warcraft addiction. Now he splits his life between loving his family, playing and writing about games and trying to sell indie novels.

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