COD: BlackOps multiplayer details

Key toCall of Duty: BlackOpsis the games multiplayer. That’s why when you hear these new details about the multiplayer, you’ll be getting very excited.

Firstly, you can now playoffline against AI bots. Believe it or not a staggering 30% of gamers do not play Call of Duty online, so this is a welcomed addition.

Secondly there is a new‘Create a Class’feature where your character’s appearance changes depending on which Tier 1 perk you choose.

The next juicy item revealed is thesupply packages. These packages will now feature rare weapons such as the ‘death machine’ machine gun and ‘grim reaper’ rocket launcher. Rumour has it there may be a gunship that you cab fly yourself.

I’ve saved the best to last. New to the Call of Duty series are theCOD Points. As you play the game you will earn points which will enable you to purchase abilities and contracts (in game challenges). You will also be able to enter matches called ‘Wager Matches’ where you can put a number of your COD Points on the line to gain and the top 3 players win points.

I must admit I’m starting to want this game even more especially after these details. What about you? Have you pre-ordered BlackOps yet? Discuss below!


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