Assassins Creed Character Control Info.

The nice chaps at Ubisoft have released some new info on the character control which will be present in the upcoming title Assassins Creed. Ubisoft say that instead of using the old ‘X’ equals punch and ‘Y’ equals kick combo, Assassins Creed will instead use the joysticks in weird and wonderful ways to control your character.

In Assassins Creed ‘Y’ will be used for the ‘Eagle Eye’ view, which is when you kind of zoom in on your goal or target. Buttons ‘B’ and ‘X’ will be used for using your arms to either attack or hold on to objects. ‘A’ like so many other games will be for jumping, which in turn will mean you can climb up walls, gates and fences using the ‘A’ button.

Now the tricky part of the info is where the joysticks come in. Ubisoft say that you will put together joystick and button combos to perform certain actions with your character. This combo system supposedly means the game will fell more free-flowing and easier to play.

If you don’t understand the above then either re-read it or wait for Ubisoft to explain the new joystick system in a little bit more depth as we are still a little bit stumped by it all. The game is set for an early ’07 release on the 360, PC and PS3 look out for more info here at 360Monster (also look out for info on the game from our upcoming sites PS3Monster and ConsoleMonster).

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews


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