6 Home Cures for ‘Gamer Hand’ Aches and Pains

Gamers spend hours playing games such as League of Legends and Valorant. Some can sit for up to fifteen hours a day perfecting moves and strategies. However, amidst the excitement, there’s a price to pay. A common ailment is Gamer’s Hand, a repetitive strain injury caused by operating keys and mouse thousands of times a day. Medically known as De Queruaint Tenosynovitis, it can usually be treated at home.

1. Ice Pack

The intense repetition of gaming prompts a build-up of pressure within the joints of the hand. It usually results in stiffness and minor swelling accompanied by a burning sensation. Using the fingers or hand can be awkward and uncomfortable. The inflammation can often be successfully reduced by placing an ice pack on the hand and wrist for around fifteen minutes at least twice per day. Use a frozen wet towel, a pack of frozen vegetables, or a specially designed ice pack.

2. Massage

Gamer’s Hand causes the muscles and tendons to stiffen through overuse. An effective treatment is a massage. It needs to be carried out gently as the hand is already under stress. Use the elbow of one arm to gently rub over the other hand and wrist. Small circular movements are often the most successful. If a part of the hand feels particularly tender, apply gentle pressure to help release the tension.

3. Elasticated Support

Continuing to play while suffering from Gamer’s Hand is sometimes unavoidable. Gamers with moderate discomfort can often play if they protect their hand with additional support. This can be an elasticated bandage wound around the hand and wrist, or an elasticated, fingerless glove. The light pressure helps the aggravated muscles and tendons operate less harshly.

4. Wrist Exercise

The stiffness of Gamer’s Hand often affects the wrist. The joint can be eased or released by a simple exercise that’s very easy to do. Stretch the arm straight out. Gently but firmly rotate the palm towards the body. Uncurl the palm then repeat the action around six times.

5. Tendon Release

Straining the hand’s tendons can make the fingers and thumbs feel stiff. An easy method of relieving the built-up pressure is to open the hand up by spreading the fingers out. Then using the fingers of the other hand, gently massage the palm for up to two minutes.

6. Thumb Stretching

Thumbs often become strained and stiff following gaming. An exercise to help the thumbs relax begins with pulling the forearm towards the body. Then gently pull the thumb in the same direction while also easing it downwards. Hold the position for a few seconds.


These home cures should help ease the pain of Gamer’s Hand. Check out www.1337pro.com/en/csgo/match-scores for scores achieved by players who may be playing with the pain of Gamer’s Hand.


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