Will the new and improved Gameboy be a throwback or a jump forward?

Going retro and having throwback moments, throwback events, heck – why not go all the way back and have yourself some good old soul-train throwback type of good times? More and more people are hearkening to a time gone by, a feel for nostalgia taking hold, and an embracing of yester-year’s best of’s is making a comeback in a big way. 

Climbing aboard this steam-engine train of thought is the much-anticipated and much-awaited release of the new and improved Game Boy, a flashback to a time easier, when Game Boy was all the rage and then some. 

Looking to be released towards the end of Summer 2018 is the new and improved Game Boy, an offering from Hyperkin. Yup, this particular Game Boy won’t be from its original makers, Nintendo. Yet, the Hyperkin Game Boy version, also known as the Ultra Game Boy is every bit its own device, that borrows quite lavishly and freely from the original Game Boy, in terms of its look and feel and all around functionality. 

For those that are hearing about this Hyperkin version, the Ultra Game Boy, perhaps a few key specifications and facts should be divulged at this point, to further paint the accurate picture of what the new and improved, Ultra Game Boy has in store for users, once it is released to the general public this Summer. 

Specifications of the Ultra Game Boy are as follows: 

  • a battery that lasts six hours 
  • a back-lit LCD display 
  • housing is made from aluminium
  • a USB-C port for charging 
  • a pair of stereo speakers 
  • left and right audio-out connections  

Seeing as though Game Boy, the original from Nintendo, had its heyday a good 28-plus years ago means that the original definitely had some improvements and upgrading that it was due. Thanks to Hyperkin, the Ultra Game Boy has taken those much-needed steps to upgrading and becoming more current in the digitally-infused world of our now, to bring to all gamers (nostalgic experts and curious novices alike) a very close-replica, yet an improved version of the gaming console that stole many a young gamers hearts so many years ago. 

Taking a close look at the future of gaming, and the trends toward more mobile gaming app solutions, one would think that the Ultra Game Boy may not actually have a place in the world today. An assumption that is quite unfounded when taking a look at the reactions and feedback given by the gaming community when Hyperkin announced their release of the Ultra Game Boy. 

Quite right that many a gamer will continue to use their smartphones and mobile devices to access their favourite gaming sites, as accessing the sites that housed some of their best-played gameplay moments at a mere click of a button is too convenient and easy to not be utilised accordingly. Looking for a workable scenario to explain the relevance and ease with which mobile gaming is prevalent can be seen when looking at online casinos investing to improve mobile gaming experiences, offering optimal gameplay, graphics and functionality are indeed becoming par for the course when playing on these types of sites. 

The Ultra Game Boy will in no way detract from the level of popularity that mobile and online gaming sites already hold, and the creators of the Ultra Game Boy, namely Hyperkin, know this full well. Given that with Ultra Game Boy a niche is met that cannot be filled with the status quo of mobile gaming as it stands today, the nostalgia and the looking back through the looking-glass type of scenario is easily met with this Ultra Game Boy console that Hyperkin promises to unveil any day now. 

We’re ready for the retro to be released and unleashed into the gaming world all around. 

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