Why We Can Look to Online Casinos for Future Video Game Trends

The gaming industry is moving at such a rapid pace. It’s crazy to think that less than thirty years have passed since the Super Nintendo Entertainment System hit shelves and brought console gaming to the mainstream. The primitive games and consoles of old have now evolved into open world epics on machines with exceptional processing power, and there is no telling where they could go from here. When trying to predict what’s next for console trends it’s always a good idea to look towards the online casino industry, as this is perhaps the fastest-evolving sector of all.

Casino Games Have Come a Long Way

Gambling is one of the oldest industries in the world, and the betting games have been around for much longer than console offerings. Blackjack has been in existence for over one century in one form or another, and slot games aren’t too far behind.

Slots are a prime example of a game genre that has been developed and refined over a long period of time, which has resulted in the highly advanced and popular machines we know of today. After beginning as clunky metal objects which were lever-operated, they have gone through various incarnations in their long history. First they became electric and things like flashing lights and sounds were introduced, then they moved to an online setting where themes, side games, and additional reels became the norm. Whenever there has been a change or development in technology, slot machines have always been at the forefront. Card games like blackjack, poker, and baccarat have also been improved in the internet era, and there are now loads of new ways of playing the casino classics.

Because the online casino is so fiercely competitive, sites are always looking to steal a march on their rivals. They either do this by offering better bonuses or by getting to technological innovations first. For example, the Planet 7 bonuses include welcome deposits for new players. The site also has some of the most up to date slots on the market. With the way casino games have quickly sprung on new developments over the years, it would be wise for creators from other sectors of the gaming industry to keep an eye on online casinos for emerging trends. Whatever the next big thing is, it seems likely that online casinos will adopt it first.

Virtual Reality Could Hit Casinos First

Many different game developers have been trying to incorporate virtual reality for some time now, but as yet the new technology has failed to reach the dizzying heights that some predicted. Looking at projections, though, it seems that VR will be huge in the years to come. According to Statista, the annual revenue of virtual and augmented reality combined will be $209.2 billion in 2022. At the same time, the online casino revenue is also expected to skyrocket. These things will doubtlessly be interlinked.

Online casino software developers are already making major steps with the introduction of VR. The biggest news in recent years is Microgaming’s VR Roulette, which enables players to actually stand at a virtual roulette table in the same way they would in a land-based casino. The invention was met with a strong critical response, and if ideas like this hit the mainstream there is no telling where the online casino industry could go. It would almost certainly lead to full scale virtual casinos appearing online and creating a whole new experience.

There are plenty of other trends in the online casino industry that other game developers have replicated in the past. For instance, online casinos were at the forefront of using live streaming when it came into existence. Online casino games are the trends of tomorrow, and by looking to the industry it is easy to see what will be popular in the future.

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