Why is mobile gaming still so popular today?

The debate as to what is the best way to game will rumble on forever, but nobody can deny the huge influence mobile phones have had on the gaming landscape and just how massively popular mobile gaming is today.

Despite the huge advancements in modern technology – which has seen console graphics improve dramatically – mobile phone gaming is still the way to game according to so many gamers out there. Whether you’re playing the new Harry Potter game, catching Pokemon whilst walking your dog or trying out a rebooted version of the classic game Tetris, it’s everywhere.

But why is it so popular? How can mobile gaming compete with, say, the immaculate graphics that a PS4 offers up? Let’s take a look at a few of the key reasons as to why.


One of the main reasons why mobile gaming is so popular has to be because they’re easily accessible, can be played on-the-go and can be played virtually anywhere and at any time. The emergence of mobile games has enabled a new group of gamers to be established too – adults. With the addictive nature of games such as Words with Friends and other creations like Candy Crush, the image of a stereotypical gamer is hard to draw up these days. Whether it’s an old man on the train or a youngster on a park bench, mobile gaming is prominent practically everywhere in today’s modern world and can be played at any place and at any time.

Cheap and free gaming

Games on our mobile phones are, on the whole, free. If they aren’t free then they’re incredibly cheap compared to other gaming options out there, where a PS4 game is considerably more expensive than any mobile game available, for example. Most games can be easily paid for in the app store, but there are alternative ways of paying for games too, with casino sites enabling you to pay for games via your phone bill using what is an innovative deposit option. These types of deposit options are becoming more and more prominent and are also symbolic of the gaming options available to us and the numerous ways we can access and pay for cheap games. A huge chunk of games on show in the AppStore and Google Play are free-to-play though, but some of the better creations might not be. Overall though, mobile gaming is a far cheaper alternative.

Console-quality titles

(Image via https://twitter.com/AJmr14lzMyItm60)

Every now and then, familiar games that have been released on consoles are released on our smartphones too. Of course, the likes of Final Fantasy VIII would be hard to replicate on a miniature mobile screen, but games like PUBG Mobile have created a big storm and have highlighted just how far the technological advancements in mobile phones have come. Developers are also actively making sure they release their mobile games simultaneously with their PC and console versions, giving us a huge indication that console-quality games on our smartphones can’t be far off at all. Traditional gamers would argue that a mobile phone game will never rival a console release, but with mobile-friendly controllers on the horizon, they could be proven wrong. This space just keeps on growing.

They’re fun

Mobile phone games are pretty damn fun. With so many different games available at the touch of a button or two also, the time we can spend accessing and testing out a wide array of games is seemingly endless. Mobile games are not only entertaining but they tend to be easier to grasp and therefore more enjoyable too.

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