Why is Fortnite Still So Popular?

Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t just a famous eSports game, it’s a complete cultural phenomenon. Released in 2017, it has taken the gaming world by storm with everyone from million-view YouTubers, to middle schoolers, and frat houses getting in on the action. Three years since its release, there’s no sign of Fortnite’s popularity dying down any time soon. But why is this?  That’s what we’re going to take a look at in this article.

It’s Easy and Free to Play

Fortnite’s publisher and developer – Epic Games – has done a great job of making the game easy to play. Combined with the fact that Battle Royale is free on all platforms and it’s easy for anyone to start playing. This is perhaps what has made it such a popular game with the younger generations and those who don’t have much of a disposable income. Of course, its widespread appeal has led to other benefits as well, such as small queues in lobbies. It’s also available on both consoles and PC, so doesn’t discriminate against any gamer.

It’s Well Designed

Every elimination in the game feels like an achievement, and players are rewarded not only for their shooting skills, but also for their skills in sneaking and finding cover. The gorgeous map is a far shot away from other games in the genre too, with a more cartoon-like feel that is pretty and a welcome break from the darker battle royal games that are out there. The lack of seriousness contributes, again, to the game being as popular with kids as it is with adults. Of course, if you do want to take the game seriously, you can always bet on yourself playing games on a site like Unikrn, but if you’d rather enjoy the game for what it is, you can do that too.

It Creates “Moments”

Anyone who has played a multiplayer game with their friends surely has moments that they recount time and time again. It’s no different in Fortnite. Whether winning a Victory Royale or managing to hide from more experienced players, there are plenty of moments in Fortnite that will leave you with a strong sense of achievement that you’ll want to share with others. Combine this with playing in Battle Royale mode with your friends, and you have the makings of something truly brilliant.

It’s Regularly Updated

Epic Games regularly update Fortnite with new modes and interesting timed events. This stops the game from getting boring and provides loads more content. While many of these are paid-for additions, they’re not overly expensive and there’s plenty added for free as well; the multicolored llama – as one example – is a joy to find due to the amount of loot it yields.

There’s a Lack of Trolls

Finally, while most multiplayer games struggle with trolls, there’s a distinct lack of them in Fortnite. There will, of course, always be some that enjoy indulging in toxicity, but you’re more likely to find new friends to play with than you are those who are hell-bent on ruining your experience. This is something that a lot of games have struggled to deal with, so the fact that Fortnite has pretty much achieved it is very impressive.

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