Top Gaming Trend to Look Out For In 2016

Online gaming is now more popular than ever. As technology evolves, the gaming industry simultaneously grows alongside it. There are approximately 1.2billion gamers worldwide, with roughly 700million of those online.

 Now that it’s 2016, gaming is better than ever, but what are the top trends to watch out for?

Console games like Battlefield 1, Deus Ex and Mafia 3 are on the horizon and these are set to be taking the gaming community by storm. Battlefield 1 is a team-based game set in World War 1 and is a first-person shooter. Like previous games from the Battlefield franchise, there is huge emphasis on teamwork and there is a plethora of World War 1 inspired weapons at your disposal. The game is set to be the first World War 1 video game published by EA since 1994, when Wings of Glory was released.

battlefield 1 cover

Dues Ex: Mankind Divided is also a first-person shooter game, but it also combines elements of stealth and roleplay. Whereas Battlefield 1 is set 100 years previous, Mankind Divided is set in the future. It’s 2029 and two years on from Human Revolution, the previous release from the Dues Ex franchise. Upon the revolution, mankind turned deadly violent and now it’s your turn to capture a group of aggrandised humans.

Mafia 3, the latest title in the open-world series is set in 1968 in a beautifully reimagined New Orleans, occupied by a Vietnam War veteran desperate to avenge the death of his peers at the hands of the Italian Mob. The protagonist seeks the mob in order to kill them, whilst destroying and overturning their locations, recruiting lieutenants to assist them as they go.

But whilst the console industry is still thriving with the aforementioned releases set to be extremely popular, the mobile gaming industry is set to surpass console revenue for the first time. Games from smartphones are to fetch a total of $36.9 billion.

The more smartphones that appear on the market, the more opportunities there are for gaming on said devices. Games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush became a global fascination among all age groups. Now Nintendo are in the process of creating mobile games. Their first release was called Miitomo, a communication app which allowed you to build your own character, and now there are set to be more Nintendo releases in the pipeline, including the recently released Pokemon Go on iOS and Android.

Of course, smartphones have access to the internet, which allows you to play games whilst on the move; and as a result, this has caused the popularity of playing on mobile bingo sites to soar.

mafia 3 cover

The feature has created a new generation of bingo lovers, and of course allows existing fans to play the game without leaving the house, or even on the move.

 These free-to-play games have features that allow you to connect your social media channels to the site, meaning you can compete with friends. The no deposit bonus means that you can develop your knowledge of the game and get to grips with the basics before you start spending your money. And if you do chose to play with real money, then you are able to chat online with fellow gamers.

Whilst smartphones have been considered a technological revolution, it has been suggested that virtual reality may follow suit. There are several virtual reality headsets set for release and Sony have a number of compatible games lined up for use with PlayStation. Samsung and HTC have also released headsets compatible with their newest devices and may just be the best technological innovation of 2016.

Contributed by George Webb

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