Top casino games on current-gen consoles

While casino games do not always represent the most popular type of game available when it comes to console gaming, that does not mean that there are not individual ones that have developed a strong reputation amongst gamers. Every generation of games consoles has produced some strong casino games and this article will discuss some of the finest ones for the current generation.

One of the more popular casino console games on the market right now is Prominence Poker, which was created for the PlayStation 4 console. It hit the shops at a time when poker video games appeared to be rendered obsolete by online casino sites – as these offered more genuine gambling thrills. Prominence Poker has counteracted that by a free-to-play format that the manufacturer believes renders it a poker role-playing game. The 3D visuals and in-game money that can be spent after you win it, give the game more of a feeling of reality – and the feeling that something is actually at stake – compared with earlier console poker games. It has a rival among PlayStation 4 poker games though, in the form of Pure Hold’em World Poker Championship. As you might guess from the title, this game aims to simulate the feeling of taking part in the biggest live poker tournament of all – and the graphics really help to make you feel like you are there for real. Of course, there are differences in comparison to playing in an actual tournament – most notably the fact that, instead of other players, there are tablets showing information relevant to the game. Otherwise, this game features a strong variety of poker tournaments to choose from and private rooms that can be used for cash games if you wish.

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The Wii console from Nintendo also has casino games available for it – with Fantasy Slots: Adventure Slots and Games being probably the most widely played. This game offers a choice of six different video slots, all based on different adventure themes and all offering the classic five-reel format. They include King Arthur’s Excalibur, Pirate Cove and Power of Zeus and the money you win within the game can be used for buying suite merchandise. Fantasy Slots also has bonus games and trophies for rewarding the best play, alongside high roller suites that can be tailored to suit you. Finally, for the Xbox One, there is Four Kings Casino and Slots, which is an MMO game that focuses on the social parts of gaming. Games on offer in the well-realised virtual casino include slots, keno, roulette, blackjack and poker – making it great for those who like variety – while it also lets you customise your chosen avatar.

Of course, while each of these games will enable you to play the casino games you enjoy, this will not be for real-world cash – just for in-game money. However, they do let you sharpen your gambling skills in case you ever feel like testing yourself for real money at online casino or in a real casino environment.

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