Three Slots We’d Like to See as Video Games

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To create a truly great video game, you need a strong and compelling story, charismatic characters, and exceptional graphics – not to mention exhilarating gameplay. Interestingly enough, this same formula very much applies to slot machines, which is why we’d be interested in seeing certain crossovers between the two.

It’s already been done one way around, with a number of video games having provided inspiration for their slots counterparts – Tomb Raider, for instance – and with a real degree of success at that. But if we were to switch the components and try it the opposite way, which slot machines would provide the best material?

Here are three slot-inspired video games we’d like to see made.

Rise of the Pharaohs 

Source: Pixabay

There are dozens of impressive Ancient Egyptian themed video games out there, from Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris all the way through to The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian, but there’s always room for more – and we think Rise of the Pharaohs would perfectly fit the bill. Drawing on ancient mythology and lore, famous figures like Cleopatra, and even the odd bit of grave robbing for ideas, it would provide plenty of material for an amazingly fun game – think a quest to retrieve the lost treasure of Ramses the Great, perhaps? You can find one of the reviews and a link to where you can play it at if want to take a look and see for yourself.

Pirates Millions

Source: Pixabay

If ancient civilizations are not really your thing, how about a little adventure on the high seas instead? Slot game Pirates Millions delivers this in abundance, so what’s it all about? Set in the middle of the ocean, under a bright blue sky surrounded by clear, still waters, it begins with a shipwreck, and one lone seafarer floating on a single piece of wood. The iconic black pirate flag can be seen close at hand; a pelican complete with eyepatch also in sight. We’re thinking that properly adapted – with riches galore to find – it would make a pretty diverting video game of its own.


Source: Pixabay

Did you know Monopoly is one of the best loved and most played slots of all time? Given the popularity of its board game counterpart and its cash-centric focus, it’s unsurprising it would translate so well into a casino entertainment – or that it would work as a video game too. Now hear us out: we know it’s been done before, but we still think there’s a lot of room for improvement. The dozen or so adaptations currently out there are largely lacklustre, but adding some of the slot-inspired elements into a new version could really help to ramp up the fun. One thing we can say for certain is this: we’d definitely play it.

Although these may be two entirely separate mediums, it’s fair to say that slot machines and video games rely on many of the same elements to keep them interesting. Draw on successful ideas from one, and you surely have the potential for a pretty great incarnation of the other!

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