Old School RuneScape: How to master Agility with the least effort

Everyone loves shortcuts. We all take them. The thought of taking the easy way, after all, can be very enticing. In games, we all look for ‘how to farm gold fast’ or ‘get to max level quick’. However, it is an active process, and not all players can spend that much mental effort or want to do so. On that note, here’s a guide to levelling your Agility skill in the most AFK way. That way, you have opportunities to slip in some other activities like Alching for OSRS gold. That also trains your Magic, so you’re hitting three birds with one stone with this.

Without further ado, here’s how you do it.

Levels 1-32

Start by doing some quests. Tourist Trap and the Grand Tree quests will reward you with enough Agility XP to reach level 32. If you want, you can also do some other quests that will reward you with experience or Skill Lamps.

Levels 32-40

At this point, you should do the Varrock Rooftop Course. If you did more quests, that’s fine. Be mindful that you’ll miss out on the opportunities Rooftop Courses has to offer, though.

Aside from being a semi-AFK process, succeeding in doing a course has a chance of giving you a Mark of Grace. These marks may be exchanged for the Graceful Outfit, which has weight-reducing abilities. With reduced weight, stamina drain is slower, and you can run farther before needing to take a break. You’ll be able to carry more things without being too encumbered. The outfit is definitely something you must get for adventuring out in Gielinor.

Now, it should take you about two hours or so to reach level 40 by running this course. It awards you with about 10k-13k XP every hour, though that highest figure is only achievable with perfect runs. You should get some marks as you go through as well.

Levels 40-60

At 40 Agility, you should move on to the Cannifis Rooftop Course. Of course, you must go through the Priest in Peril quest first to access this area. Do the easy quest if you haven’t done so.

The Cannifis Course rewards the most Marks of Grace, averaging one mark every 3 or so laps. It also gives you anywhere between 11k-14k experience every hour of running through it. You’ll start out failing some of the obstacles, which explains the little difference between this course and the last one. As you level up, you should fail less and get more XP by then.

Getting to level 60 through this course will take about 16 hours. You don’t have to do it all in one go, so be sure to take breaks whenever needed! Look forward to the fact that by the time you finish, you have enough marks to exchange for a Graceful Outfit. More than that, you’ll have enough left over to have it recolored as well.

Levels 60-90

The next rooftop course you should hit is the Seer’s Course. But before that, you should finish the Kandarin Diary (up to the hard tasks) first since doing so will also increase the Marks of Grace you gain from running this particular course.

That’s a boon for those still needing marks for their outfit, or those who need the Amylase for Stamina Potions. As a side bonus, you can also replace the Camelot Teleport option with the start of the Seer’s Agility Course. That will save you time if you need to bank from failing some of the obstacles. The final benefit of doing the diaries first is boosting the rates of experience gain.

Without doing the diary, you get a projected maximum of 45.5k XP per hour. With the diary, that jumps up to a whopping 56k XP per hour. Of course, the actual amount you get would be slightly less, but the 11k jump should be enough incentive to do the diaries first.

At any rate, getting to level 90 will take about 79-87 hours, without the achievements. With the achievements, it’ll only take about 61-66 hours. That’s a big difference, so consider doing the diaries in the name of efficiency. Remember to take breaks and semi-multitask if the grind gets too boring

Levels 90-99

Your journey to 99 Agility ends in the Ardougne Rooftop Course. You can actually move on here a little earlier at level 85-86 using a Summer Pie and the Preserve Prayer. If you don’t have it yet, you can use OSRS gold buy it from the Grand Exchange.

If you still want the Marks of Grace, completing the elite tier of Ardougne’s achievement diary will give you 25% more marks from running the course. Unlike the Seer’s Course, the diaries won’t provide an experience boost on running the course.

One good thing about running this course is that at 90-99, there’s a chance to get the Giant Squirrel Agility pet. Well, you also have those chances in former courses, but they were slim at best. You get the highest probability of receiving it at this point.

Remember to keep your boosts up at the second and fourth jumps of the course. Otherwise, you will fail them even if you’re still on top of the roofs!

It will take over a week of continuous playing to get to level 99 through this method. It does give the highest yield at 56k-60k experience per hour, but the requirement to get to 99 is steep.


To recap, first you do some quests. Then you run the Varrock Agility Course up to level 40. After that, run the Cannifis Agility Course to level 60. Next is the Seer’s Course, all the way to level 90. The last is the Ardougne Agility Course to max out your skill.

You may prefer to run the Priffdinas Agility Course to make OSRS gold selling off crystals you can pick along the way. It isn’t included since Rooftop Courses can be AFK-ed (to an extent) while collecting crystals isn’t. You’ll have to use shortcuts and click on the crystals themselves to get them. That makes it a more active method, and this article is about AFK methods. With the Rooftop runs, you can multitask a bit and earn a little OSRS gold along the way.

Enjoy your new skill cape, and remember to stay healthy!

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