Is There No Limit to Potential Monopoly Games?

All those years ago in 1903 when the Monopoly board game was first created by Lizzie Maggie as a way to explain the single tax theory, nobody could have envisioned how big the game would eventually become. 

There are now over 1144 versions of the board game, multiple spin-offs, various videogames, and over 1 billion people worldwide have played it. Just when you think there is nothing else that developers can do with the game, they come up with something new. It seems that the potential for future Monopoly-related games is endless.


Before the internet existed, Monopoly had already dominated the board game market and was one of the best-known family turn-based games on the planet. But it’s the way that the game adapted to the digital age which will help it go down in history as one of the greatest games ever. Monopoly swiftly cornered the mobile market with titles like Monopoly: The iPhone Game and the console sector with offerings like Monopoly Streets and Monopoly Plus.

It’s a testament to the popularity of the digital versions of the games that there are even Twitch and YouTube-streamers playing them. 

One thing that sparked our interest, in particular about this is that there are even gambling variations of Monopoly – which we noticed due to the heavy presence of clips of such games being played.

How did we go from a friendly and fun boardgame played with family and friends to … the real deal with people wagering on the outcome?

Intrigued by this little known fact we took a closer look at the pool of clips. One of the names that kept popping up was CasinoGrounds; a 20,000 users strong community revolving around gambling and streaming. That is by no means a small number!

News, guides, a forum and even a collective of streamers who between themselves can amass an audience of thousands of viewers when their channels go live. One of the forum members asks in a thread where he (or she) can play the new game being promoted on the front page and is promptly referred to the live dealer casino section of the site. 

The game being Monopoly Live; a wheel-spinning format similar to Wheel of Fortune. In Monopoly Live, a live game host spins a super-sized, vertically mounted wheel and players predict the segment the wheel is going to stop at after the spin. 

There is a virtual Mr. Monopoly sitting at the side who is ready to jump in and assist with the action. This is a simple betting game, but there are also bonus rounds in which players can roll dice. At this point, the game harks back to traditional Monopoly and players have a chance of winning houses, hotels and community chest cards.

This new title certainly opens up a whole new world of possibilities for future Monopoly-based games, with the virtual Mr. Monopoly being one of the more intriguing elements. 

Niantic brought augmented reality to the fore in 2016 with Pokémon Go and it would be interesting to see a similar thing done with Monopoly. Players may one day be able to put on augmented reality glasses and see characters like Mr. Monopoly superimposed on the environment. They could then go on Monopoly-based quests around real-world locations. Virtual reality could play a part in future games and entering a giant board game could well be on the cards one day as well.

These new and innovative Monopoly titles show that there is still a great deal of potential for future games. It seems that there is no limit to what developers can dream up with the legendary board game as inspiration.

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