How to Break the Plateau When You Get Stuck on a Game 

Mastering the console is never an easy feat. Then again, we don’t necessarily choose to game because it’s easy.

Since the dawn of the PlayStation, or before that, the Sega Megadrive, the Atari and even ColecoVision, we have been determined to find the most difficult games we could get our hands on in order to beat them. Console gaming has evolved somewhat since then, adding multiplayer modes, live modes, and bringing the console community together in a way that facilitates socialization and a shared experience, as well as the best in gaming.

But, what happens when we reach the inevitable plateau? What do we do when we can’t possibly get past one point in the game? Do we give in? No. Here are three ways in which we can use our non-gaming time to overcome any gaming plateaus.


Play Something Else

The first solution is simple: turn off the game you’re stuck on and play something else; whether this is a similar game, which allows us to flex the muscles we should be honing for the game we’re struggling with or a completely different genre.

Let’s say you’re stuck on Fortnite on the console – play Minecraft instead or one of the harder campaigns of Call of Duty. If you’re on a platform game such as the remaster of Spyro, switch to Crash or to another genre altogether like Grand Theft Auto.

When we’re stuck on one game, playing something else that requires us to use the same controls can act as a palate cleanser. It’s like going back for training before being deployed into the field. Sometimes, the difficult scenarios we’re facing just need us to practice something with the controller, other times they require strategic thinking, which might be made possible through strategically thinking about something else.


Play on Something Else

The second solution is to ditch the console entirely and practice on a completely different format. Indeed, console gaming is an amalgamation of the skills needed for other kinds of gaming, so switching format could help you improve your abilities to unstick you from your game. For instance, the dexterity, fast reactions and strong motor skills needed for some browser games such as Defend Your Castle or mobile games such as Temple Run or Plants vs Zombies can help you improve these areas to be better equipped for your game.

Or, if you play Mini Baccarat online, you’ll be able to develop your ability to think strategically and plan ahead, while also reacting to the unknown variables that are thrown at you. Even go outside and download Pokemon Go to try gaming with a completely different element of difficulty as you battle your direct terrain and others as well as the in-game obstacles.

Being stuck on a game for too long can sap all the fun out of console gaming. But there are solutions available to help get us back on track. You can opt for playing something else on the console to practice similar manoeuvres or even as a breather, or you can decide to play on a different format altogether to learn transferable skills. Whichever you choose, you’ll be back to your game in no time, out of the hard part and with a renewed sense of accomplishment.

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