Devil May Cry (DMC) Demo Preview

Devil May Cry (DMC) Demo Preview.

Without playing any of the other Devil May Cry games in the series, this left me either more intrigued with the demo or put off by the demo. When DMC was announced by Capcom and Ninja Theory, people were not happy with the way the protagonist Dante looked and voiced, all of this caused a big stir in the company and also left a whole to fix within the gaming community. So putting things aside Capcom released the demo onto Xbox live for the consumers and fans to have a look at what will be a reboot to the series. This is not the Dante you once remembered, this is Ninja Theory’s Dante.

DMC demo starts off with you understanding who Dante is and also about this secret organisation called the Order, who his twin brother Vergil is in charge of. Dante and his brother want to rid Limbo City of its demon overseers, so who is better to take on the challenge no better than Dante the demon killer. The first part of the demo is called Under Watch, you may remember this been shown at Eurogamer. Under Watch wastes no time throwing you into the fray with demons (as usual) trying to kill you, presenting the all-memorable hack and slash action fans will be used to.

For completely new players to the series the controls have been made simple to use and understand, you will get onscreen prompts that tells you what buttons to use during combat. Don’t worry, trusty Ebony and Ivory seem to make an appearance as well, meaning you can shoot creatures from afar and then zip in for the final deathly blow. Dante has a Devil Trigger gauge which builds up with combat. Once the gauge is full enough simply press in both thumbsticks to unleash your demonic side, slowing down the world and increasing your damage while regenerating health.

Dante has a new best friend in the game. The new toy at your disposal is the Orphion whip, which allows Dante to close the distance to enemies (either by dragging them to you or flinging yourself up to them) as well as help you get around the levels easier through the use of ledges. The second part of the demo, Secret Ingredient, focuses on a Boss Battle in the form of a grotesque bug-like creature. It requires plenty of jumping and dodging, and really shows off how well Ophion can fit into battle as well as an exploratory tool.

The demo has me definantly intrigued and am looking forward to the final product from Capcom.

Have you given the demo a try? If so let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Steven Bourke

No longer writes for Console Monster... had a good journey with the team but a new horizon awaits.

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