Console Monster at the Game Horizon Conference 2013 Day 1

Console Monster at the Game Horizon Conference 2013 Day 1

It was an early start in the morning for me and heading to my first major games industry event, everything felt like a dream. Being a student I never thought I get the chance to go to something like this. Let me give you an insight of what Game Horizon is all about; basically it is a conference for the games industry and businesses to talk about future opportunities and industry growth through new technology, creativity and financial success. I arrived at the main event and joined the registration queue with other journalists from all over and to get a full breath of air in my lungs and begin a long day ahead of me. Before I started to meet other people in the industry I did settle down with a full English breakfast.

The main event does not start till later in the afternoon and was given the chance to network with other people in the industry and find out what they have been up to. I was surprised to meet the legend’s Kezza McDonald the UK games editor for IGN and also Dave Cook news editor for VG247 who I admire and have been following and trying to learn from. I did meet the manager director of Ubisoft Reflections and got a small interview with her about Watch_dogs. So after the network lunch the main event started and this is where things got interesting. The conference was hosted by Charles Cecil who co-founded Revolution studios ( the team that made Broken Sword). He welcomed everybody to the conference and then introduced two speakers to the stage from Ubisoft studio’s Reflections and Massive.

Ubisoft reflection’s own MD Pauline Jacquey, and Massive’s David Polfeldt took the stage for the first keynote speech about the fearless creation of the million dollar game, you can catch this talk below in video.

This was then followed by Henrique Olifiers from Bossa Studio’s to talk about social networks and facebook games. One main highlight for me at the event was my question been answered by Will wright the game creator for the Sims live via video link. Everything settled down after the first day with a after party and a time to have a casual drink (free booze). So that was my first day of the conference and will begin day 2 of the event early with an interview with Danny Bilson the former executive vice president of THQ. So come back and you will learn more from day 2 of the conference and my goings on. If you want to know more about the event I will live tweeting all day and you can follow me on twitter for the inside scoop on the event @DeepestOregon .

Steven Bourke

No longer writes for Console Monster... had a good journey with the team but a new horizon awaits.

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