Yes! I’ve finally surpassed my most recent achievement goal attaining what feels to me a whopping 30,000 gamerscore points. It may not sound a lot to many of you gamerscore whores out there, but to me it does. Every time Ireceive a new game I’m adamant I’ll get at least half of the gamerscore points on offer before moving onto the next game, however this strategy didn’t quite work as before Iknew it, another game was making it’s way into my Xbox 360 disk tray.

Even then I always say I’m going to go back and complete the achievements, but due to the essence of time I just haven’t been able to complete such a feat. This is evidently shown in the stats as I’ve only ever completed one full game (gaining 1000GS) in my Xbox 360 life. And if you must know that was for Fight Night Round II so it was pretty easy.

The game I’m most proud of in terms of achievements has to be Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. 900 gamerscore pointshas been achieved in that game only failing by completing the game a full 100%. Ithink I’m at 96% and don’t know what else there is to complete so I decided my time was best spent elsewhere.

So what’s the next target Ihear you say? Well Isuppose it has to be forty thousand which I’m hoping to achieve by this time next year. That should be possible yeah? Averaging 400 gamerscore points / game meaning I’d need to play another 25 new games before that time. Fingers crossed….

Meantime let me know your gamerscore story. How do you go about achieving gamerscore? Do you play game just for the points?

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