Established in 2005, Console Monster has consistently provided news, reviews, previews and features from its group of talented volunteers for well over a decade.

Our content has been regularly tracked by search engines and has been highly Google ranked, thanks to our long running time. Because of this we are regularly inundated by request from SEO agencies and business to advertise on our website.

Could this be you? Then you have come to the right place! We have created this page to give you an insight of how Console Monster can facilitate your businesses needs. We carry a number of solutions to accommodate various budgets; each will help strengthen your SEO campaign or simply boost the exposure of a your product, brand or business.


Banner Advertisements

We can accommodate a number of banner placements across the whole website. We would rather offer you permanent banner placements over the more common rotation. This will help increase the exposure of your banner ad to our readers, and as a result offer a higher click-through rate.

Available placements:

  • Side MPU – 300px (w) to up to 600px (h)
  • Homepage Leaderboard – up to 628px (w) to up to 170px (h)
  • Homepage tack overs – Background, top banner (behind logo), MPU and leaderboard banner.

Terms & Cost:

Banner placements are live for a minimum term of 1 year, at a cost of $300 per banner, per year. Banners are to be supplied by you, or we can create them for you for an additional fee of $150 per banner created. The artwork that we create for your banner can be given back to you to use elsewhere on other websites, or simply be edited for future campaigns.

Homepage take overs start from $500 per month, with monthly rolling rates extended at a reduced rate of $300 per each additional month.

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Sponsored Articles

We have worked with a number of clients with successful sponsored written articles, either to help with SEO, or to push a brand or product release at launch. Articles can be written by our team of volunteers or content can be supplied by you.

When an article is supplied to us, all we ask is for the following:

  • The text is final copy, it has been edited and it has been proof read for English language.
  • It should have the subject matter that suits our audience, please get in touch if you are not sure.
  • It must be longer than 500 words.
  • It must contain no more than 3 links in the article. 1 link to be sponsored/client.
  • It can contain video and/or images that have been approved for use on third-party websites.
  • It can contain embedded YouTube videos.
  • Accompanying images should be supplied along with the article content text or linked to.
  • Links should not go to competing gaming websites similar to Console Monster.

Terms & Cost:

Sponsored articles are live for a minimum term of 1 year, at a cost of £150 GBP per supplied article, per year, or £300 GBP for an article written by one of our team, per year. After the year expires we have the right to keep the article content live, without links.

Alternatively, you can look through our many live articles and choose to have any of our existing text to be sponsored links in the article. Only 3 words or 1 phrase can be turned into links in the article. These links are live for a minimum term of 1 year, at a cost of £50 per link, per year.

If PayPal is used as means of payment a 5% additional cost will be charged to the above fees. BACs is also available.

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Social Media Posts

Over the years, we have established a loyal following on our Facebook and Twitter profile. Our follower count varies daily, so please have a look on the side of our site to see the latest figures for both networks.

Terms & Cost:

We can post a single sponsored social media post to either our Facebook and/or Twitter followers for a small fee of £50 per social post, per network.

A date and time, plus the text of the post should be supplied by yourself, and we can work with you on how to best tweak the time, date and text of the post to suit our audience for the best impact.

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Custom Media Campaigns

We can also offer more bespoke placements and ways of promoting your product, business or media campaign on our site. We are open to listening to your requirements and we can suggest what is possible on our site. If you even have an idea of your own, please let us know.

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