Tron Review

Tron Review

Published On January 26, 2008 | By Reece Warrender | Reviews
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11 %
It is.... cheap?
Magnificently reproduced in a way to feel terrible even for a port of a 1982 arcade title.

To summarise Tron quickly and save both your time and ours, do not buy this game unless you fit into the following: A. You loved the original Tron; B. You would play it again, with poor control, lousy graphics and terrible gameplay, on your Xbox 360 next generation console.

Tron features the depth of four different mini-games which each last around 30 seconds in length. When you have completed all four of these mini-games (if you manage it, due to unreasonably low amount of player lives), you will be presented with the same games, only slightly harder. Whilst you may be expecting updated gameplay, controls or graphics – all have been done to a level which feels far worse than the original, which is rather remarkable considering the original was released back in 1982.

Whilst online play has been included, it is particularly interesting that the majority of game modes (if any games are found over Xbox Live) feature you playing alone, alongside a smaller screen of the online opponent playing alone… ingenious!

The best advice that can be given with this remake of the original is to steer clear unless you have an unrelenting need to re-live childhood memories. If that is the case, then Console Monster would like to wish you good luck and we apologise for any memories that may be horrifically crucified.

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