Track & Field Review

Track & Field Review

Published On November 3, 2007 | By Anthony Barker | Reviews
Overall Score
85 %
Faithful port from the original arcade version that will have you in stitches while competing against your on or offline buddies. Along with good selection of achievements this game should be in your Xbox LIVE arcade collection.
Can be a steep learning curve for novice or casual gamers, on the other scale it can be over all too quickly. No practice events forces you to play through the entire game just to reach an event you are not good at or able to qualify for.

Without a doubt Track & Field was one of my most anticipated arcade titles to appear on Xbox LIVE as soon as cult arcade classics started to appear on Xbox LIVE. The game has been ported faithfully to the platform and features four player over local and Xbox LIVE although only two players can compete together, so if there are any spare player slots these are filled with computer AI players.

The standard array of events from the arcade original are still present in the game, these being – 100m sprint, Long Jump, Javelin, 110m Hurdles, Hammer and High Jump. To continue through the game each contender must at least qualify in each round, something that novice players will find difficult when reaching the Hammer and High Jump events, but with a bit of practice in finding the right technique in each event will have you competing against your buddies or CPU opponents very competitively.

The achievements in the game have been very well laid out, winning an achievement mostly in each event through to completing all the events while qualifying on every first attempt, an achievement that can make you sweat with nerves.

Sadly once you have completed each event and therefore the game – it is practically over, so for an experienced player Track & Field could be over all to quickly, leaving you feeling a little cheated. But it’s in the multiplayer where Track & Field rewards you, with its fast and lag free gameplay that will have you and you friends in fits of laughter as you all waggle your joysticks fiercely to achieve the longest throw or become the victor in a 100m sprint. Being a direct arcade port you are not able to practice any of the events so the game can become frustrating for the first time player but for a mere 400 MS Points Track & Field should be part of your Xbox LIVE Arcade collection and is thoroughly recommended.

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