Tetris Splash Review

Tetris Splash Review

Published On October 27, 2007 | By Reece Warrender | Reviews
Overall Score
66 %
The highest selling game of all time, Tetris, is cloned again.. with fish!
Little has been done to improve the age old formula.

Tetris is the age old classic concept of guiding different shaped objects from one end of the screen to another, trying to slot them into place forming lines. This simple game design can be found in a range of titles on every platform imaginable.

Tetris Splash is more or less Tetris, but set in water, with a few minor extras and the ability to play with six players online (or four players offline). Playing the game over Xbox Live is where it truly shines, as the skill of an opponent can vary significantly as games can often be a breeze or a constant struggle to win.

If you are looking for a good quality port of the classic puzzle title then you can’t go wrong giving Tetris Splash a shot. However if you are looking for a similar style of gameplay with additional features, then you may find better titles in the Xbox Live Arcade catalogue.

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