Switchball Review

Switchball Review

Published On December 15, 2007 | By Chris Taylor | Reviews
Overall Score
96 %
Fantastic graphics, superb physics engine, brilliant puzzles
No-one is playing it online leaving you with single player only and a reduced lifespan

Switchball is possibly the most fantastic Arcade game to date, fact. Taking ideas from Marble Blast Ultra, Switchball has put a new twist to the puzzle genre, this new twist is a fantastic physics engine. Everything in the game follows Newtons Law of Physics, if you roll down a hill you will gain momentum, and will only come to a halt at the bottom if there is some kind of barrier. If there isn’t, you will quite simply fly off the edge of the platform.

In Switchball, there are 5 different worlds and in these worlds are 6 levels. Each world has a different look to it as well as different types of puzzles. For example, Cave World is very dark and, well, cave looking. It also contains area specific puzzles such as boulders etc. The puzzles are varied, some are quite simple, like moving boxes to make a bridge, and then they get harder, such as working out how to get to the other platform by using a see-saw.

The game is called Switchball because throughout the game you have to “switch balls” to complete certain puzzles. The Air ball is very light and when filled with helium it can float for a certain period of time. The Metal ball can move heavy objects, but can also get stuck by magnets that are dotted around the levels.

The game does have an online aspect, but as with many arcade games now, no-one seems to be playing them online so I could not test this aspect out.

The graphics in the game are superb, possibly the best graphics for an Arcade game. Everything looks very realistic and polished. Materials such as cloth in the game moves realistically when you roll around on it. The audio, however, can get repetitive.

Switchball is easily the best 800 MS Points you will spend. Fun, entertaining and it looks amazing. Superb for the cold Winter months indoors.

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