Spyglass Board Games Review

Spyglass Board Games Review

Published On August 10, 2007 | By Console Monster | Reviews
Overall Score
45 %
Fine versions of each game.
Basic presentation. All of the games are available for free online.

Spyglass Board Games is about as basic as the title suggests. For 400 Microsoft Points, you will be getting four different classic board games: chess, checkers, mancala, and reversi. The first two games are probably going to be the main attraction of the game, seeing as everyone has heard of and knows how to play chess and checkers. The other two games are not as well known, but as just as fun to play once you learn the rules and the strategies. There isn’t a whole lot to say on the gameplay other than, yes, you’re getting fine versions of each board game, and you can take them all online and play against your friends.

From an audio or visual perspective, this game isn’t going to impress anybody, (they’re frickin’ board games, for crying out loud) nor is it going to feel like a terribly good value, even at $5. Considering that you can play online versions of these games at limitless sources on the Internet for free, paying for this game seems bone-headed. Even if you’re really desperate for new board games to play on your Xbox 360, everyone would be better off waiting for something else to pop up.

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