PAIN Review

PAIN Review

Published On February 21, 2008 | By Jeremy White | Reviews
Overall Score
80 %
Fun to sling Jarvis into buildings and people
Jarvis comments are hysterical
Only one environment to destruct
There are only a few unlockables
Always start from the same point in the city

Putting games in to a specific genre is normally quite easy, but putting PAIN into a specific genre is a tough one and can only be described as ‘unique’. The game itself is practially the ‘destruction’ from the Burnout games only minus the cars and include a human body. So, PAIN is sling the human body and see how much damage you can do; not something you would think would be fun, but actually is.

PAIN is unique in the fact that it is simple and it satisfies a desire to cause destruction; plus the fact that you’re using a human body can be eerily exhilarating. As with some games, PAIN puts you into tutorial mode which is basically showing you what to do, how to do it and so forth. So, without further ado, let’s launch Jarvis the human body.

After launching Jarvis, certain poses can be performed as your slung into a building, person or object. These poses can factor into your total points which are earned through how much destruction you cause to the environment and Jarvis. For example, when you launch Jarvis out of a huge slingshot you can make him look like Superman with one fist in front of this body. Jarvis can also curl up into a ball and even point to his butt and fart towards his ‘destination’.

With the title PAIN, you expect gore, however the game is actually gore free, so hurting Jarvis won’t seem anything more than if you were to throw a rag doll across the room. What makes each sling worthwhile is that the points are based on one fling of Jarvis only, so the idea is to cause as much destruction in one launch as possible, which can be pretty interesting if everything is timed right.

There are a couple of modes that can be played aside from the ‘Pandemonium’ mode which allows you to just fling Jarvis anywhere for the most amount of points. One of the modes has you grabbing as many monkeys in mid-air as you can within a set time; this mode personally doesn’t compare to another mode which sees you flinging a mime into glass panes, also within a set time. This mode does get significantly challenging as you open up harder difficulties, but it’s the fact that you are throwing a mime through glass panes and it’s actually fun!

One aspect of the game that keeps it from being too monotonous, (especially since there is only one board to fling Jarvis around), is the fact that you earn rewards for different feats Jarvis may accomplish while flying through the air and slamming into buildings. You can receive rewards for how far you travel in one sling, how high you travel, how many times you blow up a mascot and so forth. In this case players have a reason to keep coming back and causing mayhem.

Overall, PAIN isn’t going to keep your attention in one sitting for very long, and I wish that there was more environments to fling Jarvis around instead of just the one. PAIN does have significant replay value and is well worth the low price of $10 on the PSN.

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