Noble Map Pack Review

Noble Map Pack Review

Published On February 14, 2011 | By Console Monster | Reviews
Overall Score
96 %
Makes me play Halo: Reach
Nice selection of new maps
Cheaper than the COD maps
There's only three new maps for your money
You just might not play COD for a while

If I’m being honest, I haven’t spent as much time as I’d like with Halo: Reach. So much so it feels like an affair and I’m cheating on the game I once loved with my new fancy thing, Call of Duty: Black Ops. I’ve been making excuses to not play Halo and going on dates with Call of Duty when I know Halo: Reach is sitting on the shelf behind watching in disgust. Then I noticed that Halo: Reach had made an effort, tried to smarten up and take me back in the form of a brand new map pack.

Priced at the old expensive but now cheap 800MS Points and named the ‘Noble’ map pack you get three brand new maps for your money. These maps are all of various sizes and seem to have something to suit all gamers. Let’s go through each map individually.


One of the biggest maps available in Halo: Reach, Tempest is set in an open environment running alongside a thin beach. Tempest also contains many openings man cannons and is the perfect map for large scale battles of both slayer and objective game types. I particularly enjoyed the fierce battles that ensue within the middle of the map, especially as each side is almost identical and man cannons shooting out to the core of the map. The map is also perfect for vehicles and Bungie have acknowledged this with two Mongooses and two Warthogs. Tempest is also Forge friendly so you creative players out there will have plenty of space to play around with.

Anchor 9

Set in orbit over Reach Anhor 9 is my favourite of the three maps available. Perfect for team slayer games there are many routes and avenues to explore. This map is the smallest of the three although still a decent size in comparison to some of the other Reach maps available. My favourite part of this map is the large hanger doors that lead to immense low-gravity combat. It also gives you another escape route should you be receiving some oncoming fire, which is highly likely in my case.


The third of the maps and the biggest in the Noble map pack Breakpoint on what looks like a research centre. This map is perfect for all game types but especially suited to the game type ‘Invasion’. Like most other decent invasion maps there are plenty of vehicles to choose from including the Wraith, M12 FAV and Mongoose. A giant mountain hill lies between each side with an under passage allowing the flow of combat. Tips for this map is to get in a vehicle or stay high and close to the buildings. Stray to far away on your own you’ll easily be picked off.

So there you have it, that’s the Noble map pack. For 800MS Points, bear in mind that’s a lot cheaper than those for Call of Duty, so the Noble content might just do enough to drag you away from ‘that other game’. I fail to see much fault with these maps other than there isn’t more of them. Rest assure though as I’m 100% confident there will be further packs around the corner. It comes highly recommended for any Halo: Reach fan, that’s if you don’t already have them.

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