N++ Review

N+ Review

Published On March 25, 2008 | By Reece Warrender | Reviews
Overall Score
94 %
Basic and beautiful!
Frustrating difficulty

N+ will make you want to smash your control pad into the wall more times than any other Xbox Live game, however, when you finally manage to conquer the mind numbing platform stages, N+ will fill you with glee! Taking control of the cutest stick-ninja that has graced gaming, you will need to jump and slide around countless stages in order to reach the exit. However, your path will be blocked by countless doors, traps, explosives, turrets, missile launchers and crazy speedy electrical killers. Simply put, N+ brings an extremely simple, yet addictive and original experience to the Xbox Live console.

When racing through levels you must keep a watchful eye on the clock as every second wasted will knock you further down the global leaderboards. Thankfully these leaderboards are beautiful integrated and provide a constant reminder on your place against friends and strangers alike. This integration and simplicity is featured throughout the game as the graphics, menus, leaderboards, achievements and objectives all follow the same clear and straightforward design.

Online modes include fantastic co-op stages (which quite frankly are even frustrating difficult than the single player ones), race and survival. Race pits you against your opponents in, you guessed it, a race to the exit around the typical platform environments. Survival on the other hand simply requires you to stay put and survive, whilst increasing your personal time. Both of these modes are extremely enjoyable but unfortunately frequently get plagued with lag, which does ultimately spoil the experience.

Overall if you like a challenge or simply enjoy addictive platform gameplay, N+ is one of the best experiences you will find on Xbox Live. Its pick up and play nature is a fantastic reminder of how Geometry Wars kept gamers obsessed over premium games such as PGR and PDZ at launch.

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