Ms. Pac-Man Review

Ms. Pac-Man Review

Published On September 1, 2008 | By Reece Warrender | Reviews
Overall Score
51 %
A quick and easy 200 achievements
The odd feeling of her eating countless balls
Better variants of Pac-Man available
A bland and boring simple port
Gameplay quickly becomes repetitive

Any gamer worth his salt knows the Pac-Man franchise to some degree, and many will know just how intense fans of the series can become. To most however, Pac-Man is an old game that is way past its sell-by date. Namco Bandai disagree with the above second conclusion, as they are shipping out yet another Pac-Man port over Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Controlling Ms. Pac-Man herself you will once again be manoeuvring through the simplistic maze designs in an attempt to collect all the power pellets, whilst avoiding the enemy ghosts that pursue. This very simple concept can be enjoyable to begin with, but before long becomes repetitive and dull. The complete lack of trying to advance the series with additional features is a nuisance; one of which is fitting alongside many other generic ports on XBL Arcade.

Why then would anyone consider buying Ms. Pac-Man when there are other variants of the series available, most of which being better? Why the achievements of course! Namco are among a selection of clever developers that choose to place very easy achievements in such titles, which typically result in achievement whores jumping on the easy to obtain 200 points (of which has no connection whatsoever to my reviewing of the game, honest!).

To sum up the game in a single line, if you have already purchased a Pac-Man game, Ms. Pac-Man offers nothing more than a quick and easy 200 achievement points. Unless you are in the department of buying achievement points (which this basically is), or have yet to own one of the many Pac-Man games, you can easily ignore Ms. Pac-Man.

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