Hexic HD Review

Hexic HD Review

Published On May 5, 2007 | By Chris Taylor | Reviews
Overall Score
95 %
Fun, fast, frantic, free!
There is very little bad about Hexic. Only thing is there is no Bubble Bobble style multiplayer

The. Most. Addictive. Game. EVER!

Hexic HD is your regular puzzler, but it is highly addictive. This is quite surprising because the aim of the game is simple. Match coloured hexagons together and get as many points as possible over 3 modes.

The 3 modes are Survival, Time Trial and Marathon.

Marathon is the easiest for new players. Basically score the said amount of combos to pass onto the next level, whilst avoiding the bombs. Survival is hard. In this mode you have to clear the screen of all of the hexics. If you don’t then the remaining hexics are locked in place and you have to try get rid of those and new hexics in the next level. Time trial is the most frantic. You have one minute to score as many combos as is needed. This means you can’t mess around and have to work quickly.

The music for the game is extremely calming and relaxing. The whole game is very theraputic and a great time filler.

The best thing about Hexic HD is that it’s included in all 360s for free.

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