Double Dragon Review

Double Dragon Review

Published On August 4, 2007 | By Console Monster | Reviews
Overall Score
55 %
Fun over Xbox Live and the enhanced graphics are nice.
Incredibly short and a poor frame rate is a real problem.

A classic in its time, not so good now. That would be the best way to sum up Double Dragon. For those who have never played the original, the game follows Billy and Jimmy as they battle through a group of thugs in order to save Billy’s kidnapped girlfriend. The XBLA version gives you updated graphics as well as online play, but overall is a pretty big disappointment.

The game has two major flaws. First off, the game is short. Most people can breeze through it in about 30 minutes and are offered little incentive to play through again after they are done. The game, in enhanced graphics mode at least, has a pretty bad frame rate problem, slowing down quite a bit when there are more than a couple of enemies on the screen. There is some good to the game, the enhanced graphics look really nice and co-op over Xbox Live is a great deal of fun. However, it is a shame to say the original side-scrolling beat-‘em-up is showing its age and after a couple of playthroughs it is likely that you will simply forget about it.

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