Boom Boom Rocket Review

Boom Boom Rocket Review

Published On August 4, 2007 | By Console Monster | Reviews
Overall Score
57 %
The game looks nice and adds some variety to the Xbox Live Arcade.
Only a short list of playable songs gives the game little replay value.

With the popularity of the Guitar Hero franchise and the hype surrounding Rock Band, it seemed inevitable that a rhythm based music game would find its way to the Xbox Live Arcade. EA delivers with Boom Boom Rocket, a game where your goal is to explode fireworks by pressing buttons to the beat of a certain track.

For a game that is based around music, some of the track choices are curious to say the least. Instead of going along with musical genres that would have made sense, you play through a selection of remixed classical tracks. The songs aren’t that bad, but they don’t make you want to keep coming back for more, and with only ten tracks in the game you won’t be spending too much time with Boom Boom Rocket to begin with. There are some nice graphical elements in the game and a decent amount of additional fireworks to unlock, but there is nothing here that makes the game anything but a mediocre experience, and nothing that screams “buy me” at 800 Microsoft Points.

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