Rainbow Six Vegas Preview

Rainbow Six Vegas Preview

Published On April 26, 2006 | By Console Monster | Previews

The Tom Clancy franchise has had a huge success. With nearly every game bringing something new to the series be it Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six. With the recent release of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter having a huge hit Ubisoft are at it again with a new Rainbow Six title in the works.

Rainbow Six: Vegas will take you and your team into the bright neon lit gambling capital of the world, Vegas. Your team will consist of 3 people each having there own skills to aid you in your fight against terrorism. You play Logan Keller the team leader with Michael Walter (heavy weapons) and Jung Park (long range) at you side ready for your commands.

RSV is all about realism so Ubisoft want to get rid of things that let down gameplay. Say goodbye to mission briefings as they are no longer needed. You will have the missions explained to you on-the-fly so there is no need to be taken back to a briefing screen and set-up weapons for your team.

AI is also going to add to realism. You don’t want your team dieing on you in the first few minutes of the game. Ubisoft know this and have really vamped up the AI. Your team mates will give you advice in the game on enemies and any threat or tips that you might need. Enemies are going to follow the usual game plan of when you go further in the game there going to get harder and more organised.

Realism also means great graphics but this shouldn’t be a problem as the game will have the Unreal Engine 3 to make the bright lights or Vegas as neon as possible. There is now a choice of camera views. Rainbow Six has followed the rule or being a third person shooter but it seems that the team working on RSV have looked at the ideas in GR:AW. If you choose to stick to first person the camera will zoom into third person when needed. So when taking cover from enemy fire or rappelling down a building you will get a complete look at what’s going on down you instead of looking at the wall.

The gameplay is going to push you hard into thinking about what your next move is rather than storm in there Halo style. Observing the situation and using snake cams under doors. Setting up your team remotely with orders and then carrying the orders out in assault. So now when you smash down the door and storm into a room your team mates can be rappelling and fast roping through the windows having the upper hand and confusing the enemy. You also have the ability to go into infiltrate or assault mode. This is the same as GR:AW whereby when you are on infiltrate mode your team will only attack the enemy when being fired upon and when in assault mode attacking the enemy as soon as a shot can be made.

Cop-operative gameplay will be offline via system link and split screen and also on Xbox Live. The game will have your standard gameplay types with cop-op missions and adversarial modes such as death match, last man standing and also a new gametype called attack and defend. This involves one team trying to complete objectives like Recovering Intel while the other team must defend and make sure the other team doesn’t complete there objective.

You will be able to create you own customised online operative who will evolve through gameplay online.

Xbox Live will provide you with leaderboards which will track your statistics and let you see who is better/or worst than you.

Achievements will be for online and offline modes enabling you to prove to your friends just how good you are and get that total gamerpoint score up.

Overall is looks like Rainbow Six: Vegas is keeping the tactical feel of Rainbow Six 3 with some massive improvements which have come from Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. It looks a very promising addition to the Rainbow Six series which is really going to give the player a taste of controlling an elite anti-terrorist team in the big city of Vegas. The days to E3 are counting down and the Ubisoft Montreal team will be giving a hands on demo of the game to really get your mouth watering.

Originally Written By: Toby Bodman

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